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All children, ages 6-18, are welcome to come paddle with us in our family-friendly supportive community. No paddling experience required.


Come out and give it a try! No paddling experience required. All paddlers new to NCOCA are considered novice for their first two years.


For those more experienced paddlers, our Women’s & Men’s Open, Masters, Senior Masters and Kupuna crews welcome you to join us on the water!

Race Season

HPOCC enters crews to compete in most of the NCOCA sprint and long distance competitions, along with races in Southern California (Catalina Channel, Santa Barbara), Hawaii (Molokai Channel, Queen Lilioukalani Race), and The World Sprints held in various locations around the world.

In the early long distance season, from April through the end of May, races typically range from 4 to 8 miles (3 to 5 miles for Novice). The sprint season lasts from June through July and consists of a series of regattas where clubs compete to gather points, culminating in the Sprint Championships at the end of the season. There are races to accommodate anyone who is interested in paddling, from our keikis (children) as young as 6 years old, up to our Senior Masters over 60 years old. Races, ranging from 250 meters (for the keikis) up to 2000 meters match crews of similar age and experience. Long distance season starts up again in  August and ends in September with crews paddling in races around the Bay Area, Southern California and in Hawaii.

We have some of the most competitive paddlers in the Bay Area and consistently finish among the top clubs in Northern California.

That said, adults who join can enjoy the sport in a recreational or competitive nature. This is a great program to provide our adult community with an alternative form of exercise and training to help prepare for association races as well as races abroad. With our strong spirit of Aloha and O’hana, HPOCC encourages anyone who is interested to come on out and play!